Latest FloWave News and Events

Read the Latest News and Upcoming Events from the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility.

  • On Saturday 27th September the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility joined colleagues across the University of Edinburgh’s Science and Engineering campus in welcoming members of the public ‘behind closed doors’ for the annual ‘Doors Open Day’.

    Member of the public enjoy FloWave's demonstration
  • FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility has appointed marine specialist Dr. Jamie Grimwade as their new Business Development Manager.

    FloWave BDE Jamie Grimwade
  • This autumn we are pleased to once again welcome the public into the FloWave wave and tidal research facility at King’s Buildings on Saturday 27th September.

    FloWave full tank
  • New climate change minister Amber Rudd MP found out first-hand about the UK’s leading role in ocean energy research and development when she officially opened FloWave today (August 5).

    Speaking at the opening, Minister Rudd said:

    Minister Amber Rudd officially opens FloWave
  • FloWave TT Ltd and the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) have agreed to share data collected at EMEC’s wave and tidal test sites in the Orkney Isles.

  • Since the 1970’s The University of Edinburgh has been at the forefront of ocean energy research. FloWave clients can call on global expertise from the University’s Institute for Energy Systems whenever extra input is required.

  • By replicating real-sea conditions, FloWave is an amazing tool for commercial developers – helping to ensure that technologies and projects perform ‘right first time’ and are de-risked as much as possible before cutting steel or going offshore.

  • Conceived for cutting edge academic research into wave and tidal current interactions, FloWave is the world’s only ocean research facility able to simulate combinations of real-sea currents and waves at 1/20th scale or larger.

  • The FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility is the world’s most sophisticated ocean simulator. The first of its kind in the world, the circular FloWave test tank combines complex wide-area multidirectional wave simulation with fast tidal flows.


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