FloWave Team

Meet the team of experts working at the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility.

  • Dr Tom Davey

    Dr Tom Davey is Test Facility Manager for FloWave. Tom is the main technical contact for the facility and will coordinate individual and specific test programmes for users of the facility through the team of engineers that report to him. Tom has an extensive track record in the testing of marine energy devices within the Institute for Energy Systems and was a lead author for the University’s input to the EquiMar marine device testing protocols.

  • Martyn Lennon

    Martyn Lennon is a recently qualified machinist technician seconded into FloWave from the University’s School of Engineering Technical Services department. Despite his youth Martyn is an excellent machinist and has made complex components and sub-components for a number of FloWave and other clients using the CNC and manual machines in FloWave’s specialist workshop.

  • Professor Robin Wallace

    Professor Robin Wallace is a founding Director of FloWave and has been involved in power generation and renewable energy throughout his career. In 1986 he moved from industry to the University, where his research interests include network integration of distributed renewable energy, including marine. He is Principal Investigator and Finance Lead of the EPSRC SuperGen Marine Energy Consortium; a Chartered Engineer; a Member of the IEE; and a board member of the Scottish Energy and Environment Foundation.

  • Professor David Ingram

    Professor David Ingram is a founding Director of FloWave and Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics in IES. His recent work has included the development of standards and protocols for marine energy systems, including procedures for quality-assured scale testing of devices using both test basins and computational models. He was instrumental in the design of the hydrodynamic systems for FloWave, and is Principal Investigator for a number of EPSRC projects that use the facility.

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